Sunday, March 26, 2006

my view of the world today

I still don't know why we are at war. I do know that men and women my age can not afford to go to college because federal aid from the government shrank considerably to 'pay' for the war. While people complain about the spending the bush administration is doing, already wealthy companies and individuals continue to get wealthier.

I am twenty years old and I am paying for a car that pollutes the environment, i am forced to support the black hole economy that is based on a limited resource. 'No more blood for oil' is a phrase uttered by many American youth, yet the bloodshed continues.

It is so strange, the way that newscasters can stare blankly at the center of the camera. Making you feel as thought this information is just for you. Making you feel important, they stare directly at you while telling you of all the murder and crime, and government deceit.. Well i have news for you people, That newscaster is just looking at their refection,

The world is changing very fast. More quickly than most people truly let themselves notice. The internet is quietly making moreso easy to freely share information. Censorship is the enemy.

I'm worried that soon, the true definition of freedom will be lost in a sea of lies.

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