Saturday, July 22, 2006

what is wrong with the world?

what has happend to the world today? we are supposed to be a 'democratic' society. yet, we do not vote on our leader! the voting system is corrupt! thousands of minority votes are just thrown out. the new electronic voting machines have failed memory chips made by a subsidary of Haliburton INC!

are they planning world war III? have they been planning it since world war I and word war II? i think they have, better run for the bunkers kids because theres going to be a global-thermo-nuclear war! but don't worry the president and jerry falwell will be in a super safe secret bunker.

Faith is the practice of not thinking, not questioning, just obeying.


If they really choose to end the world in the name of God, it will be very sad because the YOUTH of the world seem to be comming out of the propaganda-induced coma of the corprate media. It seems we are on the brink of finding a way for world peace, but the people in control do not want that. they have faith that their religion is right. the war is all lies. war only has two goals, money and death. carnaige and pillage. we have raped the middle easy for way too long. there needs to be discussion of alternative. and a scilence of the conquest-oriented society. How can we help our world neighbors? how can we do more to end global suffering? we should not be puting BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars into KILLING AND STEALING from people who have a differnt culture. WE SHOULD BE WORKING TOGETHER, SPENDING THAT MONEY ON RESEARCH. We need to fix the enviroment we have just about destroyed.

eh enuf ranting... impeach bush! burn churches! destroy hate!

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