Friday, May 18, 2007

Julie Amero

UPDATED 5/18/07 JULIE AMERO'S SENTENCING DELAYED AGAIN! and the computer had window$ 98!

Poor Julie Amero was found guilty of exposing school children to porn pop-ups... the only thing is the school was not using any protective software, their antivirus was expired and it was a complete accident. Some students were looking up hairstyles and the computer became infected with spyware!

The horrible thing is this woman may spend three years in prizon for no reason! ok so some 2nd graders saw some oral sex. I think we need to get over it. They are going to be having orgies and anal play someday anyway.

"What is extraordinary is the prosecution admitted there was no search made for spyware -- an incredible blunder akin to not checking for fingerprints at a crime scene," Alex Eckelberry, president of a Florida software company, wrote recently in the local newspaper. "When a pop-up occurs on a computer, it will get shown as a visited Web site, and no 'physical click' is necessary."

How can they convict this woman when THERE WAS NO INSPECTION OF THE MALWARE ON THE CLASSROOM PC. not one virus scan, no investigation. no. this woman had to have intended to show kids porn? COME ON PEOPLE! SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THIS WOMAN AND TEAR DOWN THE IGNORANT LEGAL SYSTEM. this is the school districts fault, they can not blame this substitute teacher. Next they would take her to guantanamo as a terrorist and have her tortured.

where is the justice? Where?