Saturday, June 2, 2007

Finaly An Open debate about Stolen Elections

everyone knows that bush stole the election, millions of votes thrown own wrongfully, major corruption, the scary part was how easy it was for them to get away with it...

Source: Daily Freeman

Panelists allege election tampering
By William J. Kemble, Correspondent

NEW PALTZ - A panel of educators and a journalist on Friday outlined claims that some elections over the past six years have been compromised by fraud and the improper invalidation of millions of ballots.

Speaking during an evening forum at SUNY New Paltz, University of Pennsylvania Professor Steven Freeman said research conducted in an effort to understand discrepancies between exit polls and reported vote counts during the 2004 presidential election led him to closely follow the 2006 campaign and conclude that Democrats should have picked up even more seats in the House and Senate.

Some election observers have questioned how President Bush was able to carry all-important Ohio in the 2004 election when most exit polls showed Democrat John Kerry winning the state.

"The first set of shocks is that elections can be stolen," Freeman told the roughly 250 people in attendance on Friday. "The remarkable thing is that there is almost no serious debate about this. ... It's a simple matter for a programmer (in states that have electronic voting), and this is something that you can do with a first-year programming course - put in two lines of code into the program."

Freeman said the electronic voting in 49 states is overseen by three companies, and he alleged that all have close ties to top Republicans.

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