Saturday, July 28, 2007

a self-righteous cop attacks activist.

Flying the american flag upside-down is completely legal. It means distress. However, if you do so in SOME PLACES. YOU MIGHT GET YOUR HOUSE INVADED., AND YOUR RIGHTS BLOWN AWAY WITH A TAESER!
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The Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office arrested activists Mark and Deborah Kuhn in West Asheville Wednesday morning after a complaint that the couple was desecrating an American flag. They say a deputy invaded their home and used excessive force. [The photo at right, taken by a neighbor, shows Mark on the ground, with Deborah standing by, during the arrest.]

According to Deborah Kuhn, Scarborough “tried to force the door, but we got it closed and locked it with the deadbolt. He then kicked it, punched the glass out, unlocked our door and came after us.”

The sheriff’s office report states that “the man [Mark Kuhn] refused to identify himself and slammed the door on the officer’s hand, breaking the glass pane out of the door and cutting the officer’s hand.”

update: i called the sherrifs office there to complain, i was told to call back monday morning and ask for captain rogers.


Sonicmedusa posts:
Charges dropped in flag desecration case

Source: Asheville Citizen Times

by Mike McWilliams
published August 2, 2007 2:53 pm

Asheville – Buncombe County Sheriff Van Duncan today said charges have been dropped against a couple accused of flag desecration and assaulting a deputy last week.

"After consulting with out legal counsel, and after talking with the District Attorney Ron Moore, we decided to ask for voluntary dismissal on all the criminal charges against the Kuhns," Duncan said. "They're being dropped because after reviewing the initial reason why were at the Kuhn's residence to begin with, it's pretty apparent to us where the Supreme Court stands on this issue (flag desecration) and also it has been dealt with in this state in 1971, and we do not feel like we can successfully prosecute the desecration of the flag statute."

Buncombe County sheriff’s deputy Brian Scarborough, acting on a complaint from a fellow National Guardsman, issued the charge Wednesday at the Brevard Road home of Mark and Deborah Kuhn.

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Justice will not be delivered until that deputy faces criminal charges for home invasion and assult on the couple.

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